St Teresa’s Church re-opening with a new look! Sunday 17th March 2013 at 10am

Hello and welcome to the official website for St Teresa’s church in Norris Green, Liverpool. We still have some tweaking to do with the website, but we will continue to add more information and links, as time goes by.

We hope to bring you all the warmest of wishes, news from the parish, pictures and much more in the near future. As well as enabling people to share their fond memories of our beautiful church which is situated in the heart of the community.

At the beginning of 2013, St Teresa’s church began the final stages of a much needed restoration project, that will result in many improvements to both the structure and the appearance of the church. It is something we are very excited about and we look forward to the re-opening in this coming weekend.

Whilst the church has been closed for work to be carried out, we have been holding our masses underneath the church, in St Teresa’s club. This has been a nice alternative, but I’m sure we will all be glad to be back in the church when the work is complete.

Entrance to the church

The re-opening of the church will be Sunday 17th March at 10am mass. There will only be 10am mass on that Sunday, so we hope you can join us.


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