Gone Fishing

In this Sunday’s gospel, Peter has still not fully understood that Jesus really has risen from the dead. Disillusioned and downhearted, he returns to this former job and his friends go with him, but he can’t even manage to catch a single fish. In the midst of his disappointment, Jesus appears and leads him to a haul of fish beyond his wildest dreams. As in the other times the risen Lord appears to his followers, Peter doesn’t recognise him straight away but, once he has recognised Jesus he is questioned and commissioned: “Do you love me? Look after my sheep.”

This week I am not disillusioned or disappointed, but full of pride and hope after the way this community has put up with so much and worked so hard during Lent and Holy Week to celebrate with such joy the presence of our Risen Lord.

I have not gone fishing but I will be away for a few days. I am very grateful to the priest you will be welcoming during my absence: Father Brendan Rice, Father Chris Thomas and Father Simon Gore over the weekend and Father Babu Appadan during the week. The 10am mass this Sunday will be the last children’s mass before our celebrations of Confirmation and Communion in May. I am also deeply grateful to all those who have made donations in memory of loved ones to replace the vessels and other things we use for our celebrations. When I come back we will see how much has been raised and order what we need.

At 10am Sunday 12th May Father Terry Murray will join me for a special mass to remember those parishioners whose funerals were celebrated whilst the Church was closed. We have invited their families to join us as part of the ministry of consolation this community offers. May we all continue to grow in faith, in love for our Risen Lord and in service of one another.

Fr Chris


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