I Still Have Many Things To Say To You

A family whose Mum had just died were telling me recently how she and their Dad were always talking, often laughing, but never arguing. They loved being together so much that they were rarely seen apart from each other. They weren’t concerned about money or possessions but were happy with each other.  The love they had for each other grew beyond their own family to embrace their neighbours and their neighbours’ children. They sound like a great example of what we mean when we say that marriage is a sacrament – a sign and symbol of God’s presence – a glimpse of what God is like.

Trinity Sunday is the feast when we celebrate the mystery of the nature of God who is one, but also three persons in love with each other and with the whole world, drawing all of us into the embrace of the love that is between them. How can three persons be one? Marriage goes some way to answering that question, because in a marriage two people can become so completely united that they think and act and love as one, and their love becomes a source of life for others.

The first reading for this feast speaks of the wisdom of God, known to us as the Holy Spirit, delighting him day after day, being ever at play in his presence and delighting to be with people. In the Gospel, Jesus says everything he has is shared with the Father and the Spirit, and he still has many things to say to his disciples.

During our forty hours devotion this weekend, we have the opportunity to spend time with God, to delight in God’s presence, to listen and to speak, knowing that God delights in our presence and still has many things to say to us.

Fr Chris



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