Time with the Blessed Sacrament

At the beginning of May we informed you of an event called 40 hours that could change your life. This gave people an opportunity to spend some time with the Blessed Sacrament. Time to offer their prayers when they wouldn’t usually be able to access the church.

Last night after six o’clock mass, Father Chris started the ‘Qurant ‘Ore’. Volunteers lit the many candles people of the parish had purchased in the name of a loved one and people stayed behind after mass to offer their prayers.

Quarant 'Ore

Father Chris mentioned at mass on Saturday that it was rare for churches in our area to open up for such a sustained period of time. It is a great opportunity for people to drop in and spend some time praying and reflecting.

40 hours prayer

Prayer and reflection will continue until 8pm tomorrow evening where we will hold a closing mass.

Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament allows us to deepen our appreciation of the presence of Jesus, extending our devotion by spending time simply being with the Lord, reflecting on his word and sharing his concern for all those who are in need. If you have time to visit between now and tomorrow evening, please join us.



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