​First Friday Vigil 

Beginning with Mass at 8.30pm on Friday 2nd September 2016 and continuing in prayer until 11.30pm, this is a wonderful time to be with God our father, opening ourselves to experience His love and praying for all our needs. All are very welcome to join us.

WELCOME  –  We are delighted to welcome Lana Johston, Gabriella Kearns, Elisha Fink, Elsie-May Langton, Emiliya Ukrinaite and Lukas Perliba who were Baptised into our faith community last weekend.

With You Always

All our catechists are invited to a planning meeting for the coming year’s preparation with families for First Holy Communion, in the presbytery  at 4.00pm on Tuesday 6th September. New volunteers will be very welcome. 

No previous training or experience is needed, just the desire to give our families a really good experience of belonging to the church.


Preparing for Baptism

We are reviewing the way we welcome families and help them to prepare for the happy event of the baptism of their children and we are looking for people to help, especially parents who have had their own children baptised recently: the more volunteers we get the less often each team will need to lead the preparation. If you think you may be able to help, please come along to the presbytery at 7.00pm on Wednesday 31st August.

PARISH LOTTERY WINNING NUMBERS for draw on 24th August 2016

1; 8; 23; 26

ONE WINNER of the Jackpot of £1951

(subject to re scrutiny)

Estimated Jackpot for the next draw is £272

 Two consolation prizes of £25 each; 

484572; 485049

Many thanks to all who support our Parish Lottery and to the Team who run it for us. 

Your support is really appreciated!

“Don’t forget to buy your ticket! You’ve got to be it to win it!!”


In his Year of Mercy, Pope Francis reminds us that: “Migrants are our brothers and sisters in search of a better life, far away from poverty, hunger, exploitation and the unjust distribution of the planets resources which are meant to be equitably shared by all.

We will be lucky enough to receive the Lampedusa Cross and to be able to use it in contemplative prayer after each Mass over the weekend of 17/18 September. 

There will be a Cafod group meeting to discuss this on Wednesday 31st August at 6pm in the presbytery.

If you are interested in taking part please come along to the meeting, (we will be needing extra readers to read out some short prayers etc). 

Contact Terry on 07742698028 for more information.

Congratulations  to Emma Seddon & Ahmed Suhail who were married in our church last weekend. We wish you every happiness in your future lives together
Do you know anyone suffering from addiction or are you looking to come off drugs or alcohol and have tried everything? There is help at CENACOLO  –  we have a great success rate. Meetings are held at The Blessed Sacrament Shrine, 4 Dawson Street, Liverpool L1 1LE on Tuesdays 7.00pm till 9.00pm, come to the meetings or for more information call : Margaret (0151 342 1034) Mary Holgate (0151 342 4166) or Mary Conway ( 07883 339 980) or see the website
We also have a booklet available at the back of church detailing the history and background of the Cenacolo community for you to read.

Congratulations to Anne & Michael Collins who were married here in St Teresa’s and celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary this weekend. Happy Ruby Wedding Anniversary to you both!



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