Sunday 10th May 2020 Fifth Sunday of Easter

Fr Chris’ weekly message

Even greater works Our first reading shows the early church developing different ministries, not leaving everything to the apostles, but electing people take responsibility for different tasks in the life of the church, leaving the apostles free to preach and pray, and today there are new needs and new ways of responding to them, as more people volunteer to play their part, even by phone from home.
The second reading says we all share in Christ’s priesthood and his mission: each one of us is a living stone, together making the church into a home for all who need it.
Jesus says that everyone who believes him will do the same things as he did himself, and even greater things. He invites us to trust the Father and trust him, because there’s a place in the Father’s house for each of us. That is the destiny to which each of us is called, but the journey into everlasting life with the Father has to begin in this life.
It starts at Baptism, when each of us is called by name to become a follower of Jesus, to carry out a mission that no-one else can do. We receive the other sacraments to strengthen us on our journey, to experience the presence of God with us in every moment of our life and at every step on the way. In the Eucharist, we are fed by the Word of God and the Body and Blood of Jesus, formed as a community and sent out to spread the Good News that Jesus is alive and active in our world. We are confirmed with the gift of the Holy Spirit to enable us to be the witnesses to God’s love in the world. When we fail and hurt ourselves and others, we can experience forgiveness through the sacrament of Reconciliation. When we make major choices about how we will serve God and the community, those choices may be affirmed in the sacraments of Marriage or Holy Orders. When we are sick or approaching the end of life, we and those who love us are comforted and strengthened by the Sacrament of the Sick.
At the moment access to the sacraments is restricted, along with many other aspects of our life, but we look forward in faith and hope to the days when we can gather again to celebrate them. Fr Chris