Here are some pictures we’d like to share of the church from past and present.

St Teresa's Church 1928 001 St Teresa's Church 1940 001

church entrance no glass


St Teresa's Church 1951 001 St Teresa's Church 1983 001


A new beginning of something familier

A new beginning of something familier

The font

The font

7 responses to “Gallery

  1. Hi, today was lovely having my son Oscar welcomed into the church for his baptism in 3wks. On the letter I was given a while back now it’s says baptisms are usually done at 12.00pm. What is a suitable time to arrive if we cannot make the Sunday service before hand. Thanking you in advance for your reply. Regards Lisa.

  2. I appreciate the response I did not receive from you over me needing help with a spirit in my home. No, really, a huge thank you.
    Even though it’s clear you do not care, I thought you would still like to know that I received the help I needed from a church in Netherley. Although I live in Norris Green, they were kind enough to travel to me.
    God bless you, you cowards.

    • Hi Sarah. Apologies for not replying. This website is ran by volunteers for the church so you would have been better contacting the church direct on the phone number or email address provided on the main page. I’m glad to hear you’ve had your issue addressed and again apologies for the lack of response.

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